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UNMC China began as a headquarters in Shanghai to create international collaboration and cooperation in research and academic pursuits. UNMC China will also pursue partnerships with Chinese biomedical industries to commercialize ground-breaking discoveries from the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Our Mission Statement

To be a world-renowned health science resource center through the dissemination and advancement of education, research and development, and world-class healthcare consulting and to engage with China as our international collaborator that brings value through innovations to all stakeholders.

How can UNMC China help you?

Our three core areas of focus are technology, medical services and education.

Success in the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s academic laboratories has been translated into technologies that address significant medical and clinical needs. UNMC China can negotiate mutually-beneficial licenses that allow these medical breakthroughs to enter the Chinese market.

UNMC China also offers healthcare consulting services for Chinese facilities looking to upgrade or modernize their services, or help integrate Western-style medicine practices. UNMC China’s healthcare consultants find ways to blend a healthcare facility’s unique strengths with the best practices of Western-style medicine, while bringing in the benefits of advanced telemedicine and telehealth technology.

The open road between academic centers in China and UNMC has built a long relationship of academic research projects and collaborations that inform the rest of the world. UNMC China also works closely with the University of Nebraska Medical Center to increase the number of students, faculty, and postgraduate transfers between UNMC and medical universities in China. The China Scholarship Council often contributes to the process making these transfers more affordable and accessible.


Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center

On May 7, 2013, UNMC broke ground on the Fred & Pamela Buffet Cancer Center, a $323 million building project — the largest project in the 144-year history of
the University of Nebraska. The facility fully plants UNMC’s cancer research as the clear leader in the region and among the national elite.

The building is divided into 252,000 square feet of research facilities and 325,000 square feet for a clinical outpatient treatment facility and a 108-bed inpatient hospital. Nearly 100 labs will are dedicated to researching a multitude of cancers, including breast, brain, pancreatic, prostate and lung cancers.



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