Medical Services

Healthcare Consulting Services for Medical Facilities

servicesFor medical facilities in China that are looking to incorporate Western-style medicine and/or modernize their use of technology, UNMC China offers healthcare consulting services such as healthcare consulting and telemedicine development.

Healthcare Consulting:

The healthcare field is in a constant state of research and advancements. UNMC China’s healthcare consultants will review Chinese medical facilities that are interested in benefitting from these advancements and incorporating them into their current healthcare operations. UNMC China’s healthcare consultants will present suggestions that will guide medical facilities towards making healthcare of the highest international standard available to local patients.

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Telehealth and telemedicine technology has rapidly progressed through recent years giving people from every corner of the globe access to the best consultants in every field. Patients can consult with primary physicians with ease and physicians can consult with experts at any given moment. UNMC China will assist Chinese medical facilities in developing telemedicine and telehealth programs in order to give even the most remote patients and practitioners access to the most contemporary research and knowledge.

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