Telemedicine and Telehealth Services

telemedicineWith the help of modern technology and telecommunications, UNMC China is able to provide telemedicine and telehealth services to those in the healthcare industry and academic community in China.

The great strides that have been made in the development of technology and communications have allowed for quicker and simpler communication between people across the world which has in turn transformed modern healthcare. Telemedicine and telehealth utilize these advanced technologies to give everyone access to the most current knowledge, research, and training by connecting the entire healthcare community.

Telemedicine and telehealth services may involve consultations between primary physician and patient or between primary physician and specialist. Real-time live video is used for immediate assistance while asynchronous telemedicine involves sending and saving text and images of a patient’s affliction as well as their medical history until the provider or consultant is available to study it in depth. The electronic methods of telemedicine technology are also used for medical teaching and training. Healthcare professionals can continue academic education or participate in medical educational seminars regardless of location.

Benefits of Telemedicine and Telehealth

The ability to consistently provide the highest quality healthcare is one of the greatest benefits of telemedicine and telehealth. Telehealth is often of the same quality as in-person healthcare and in some cases better since patients are given access to immediate care no matter how remote they are, and physicians are given the ability to consult relevant specialists around the globe.

Telemedicine technology also allows researchers to collaborate without being in the same room or even country providing the world with fewer obstructions to advances in medicine. Medical training and education are also made more accessible and more affordable when utilizing telemedicine.

Perhaps the most powerful benefit of telemedicine and telehealth, in an industry so affected by monetary factors, is the cost savings. Patients can save on travel and healthcare expenses, and the rest of the healthcare industry may benefit even more so. Many inefficiencies, in medical facilities specifically, can be reduced with telemedicine such as the number of rooms required to provide consultations and regular check-ups or the number of providers needed on location at any given time. The cost savings of telemedicine makes a significant impact in many aspects of the healthcare industry.

Telepathology Consulting Services

Constant communication between clinicians and pathologists is crucial to maintaining the highest quality healthcare available to patients. With modern telemedicine technology, those who study pathology are able to communicate with providers without having to be in the same facility, city, or even country. UNMC China’s telepathology services allow consultations between pathologists and physicians without the hindrance of location therefore making it more efficient and cost-effective to discuss options and strategies for patients as well as update physicians on the latest research and findings. Telepathology has empowered healthcare providers by making consultations with pathologists faster, more accessible, more convenient, and more cutting edge.

Oncology Consulting Services

UNMC China provides oncology consulting services to healthcare facilities in China to assist healthcare providers in the diagnosis and treatment of their cancer patients. Both patient and provider will benefit from the ease and efficiency of communication that telemedicine technology provides. Chinese providers, no matter how remote, will have expert opinions and the most up-to-date research available at all times for oncology consulting services.

Laboratory Consulting Services

Laboratories looking to improve their laboratory practices and operations will benefit from UNMC China’s laboratory consulting services. UNMC China’s laboratory consulting services include the enhancement of laboratory operations such as setting regulations, organizing management, and optimizing finances. The UNMC China lab consultants will assess the current operations of a facility and consult with technicians to develop a unique program using the most modern laboratory best practices. With the help of telemedicine technology, training and education is available to update current lab technicians and develop technicians of the future whether the laboratory is in the city or a more remote location.



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